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Welcome to our site! To let us know what kind of assistance you need, select one of the 3 options below. (Or, to see a photo gallery of the "before and after" photos above, click here: gallery.)

1) "I am considering whether to renovate or not and I would like some input from a licensed expert."

2) "I'm planning my home addition and next I need help with design, codes, permits, and/or construction. Will you help?"

3) "I am ready to start building as soon as I find the best home additions contractor for me. Let's talk (or meet)!"


"Which remodeling contractor is best for me?"

When you contact a contractor through this site, you will have the comfort of knowing that you have an expert at your service. Our experts will help you organize every detail of the planning and construction of your new home addition, plus can even quickly give you a general estimated price range.

Our contractors are experienced with a variety of home additions, including conversions of an old space (like a garage or patio) in to interior space, plus whole house remodeling. Whether or not you have a final design or building permit already, contact us today for us to assist you in advancing your project.

"How much info is needed to get a bid?"

Note that if you will be requesting a rough estimate of costs, then sometimes it is sufficient for the construction supervisor to simply be told the basic dimensions plus ask a few simple questions, and then the contractor can give you that general price range. If that number is lower than you expected, then you might even want to explore some premium options. (Or, if the number is more than you expected, then the estimator may be able to inform you of what is more realistic for your targeted budget.)

Of course, for a precise written bid (including the specific building materials that you select), a personal inspection of your property will need to be scheduled, plus the services of a designer or architect may be relevant. With 2nd story additions, there are often engineering issues that need to be assessed early in the process in order to create an accurate computation of all the work that will be legally required (or highly recommended). Again, whatever your priorities and circumstances, our contractors will help you recognize what will work best for you and will then manage the whole construction process for you.

What is most important to YOU about your planned remodel?

The most important thing with your home addition is that you are satisfied with the results for many years, right? When building a new room attached to your home, wouldn't you value using professionals that have extensive experience with every element of your construction project? Not only should you choose a pro who is skilled, but who can communicate clearly and with respect for your time (and money).

When you hire our construction experts for your home addition, you will feel the interest and confidence of our specialists as you speak with the person who will supervise your construction about your priorities and questions. It can be very exciting for you to see the addition get completed so smoothly and quickly. You may also be quite relieved to find out how little the entire process will cost and how fast it can be completed.

Our construction pros have built home additions for decades.

Over time, our experienced construction contractors across the US have developed great relationships with the staff of the various local cities who issue permits for their residential additions (and who will conduct the inspections on your remodeling). Several different inspections may be required (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc...). The process of dealing with the paperwork and the building inspectors can be stressful for many homeowners. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else to handle all of that for you?

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